Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gah Shelby!!!

5 Things I was doing 5 years ago

1. Getting my first kiss by the buses where EVERYONE and the MOM could see.

2. Watching my mom get married to a crazy in city hall.

3. Moving all the way across town yet having to drive clear to the other end to go to school.

4. Eating pickles in my front yard because our house had been cleaned out and that's all we had to eat.

5. Singing on the bus ride home with the girl I would call my Soul Sista until junior year.

5 Things on My To-Do-List
1. Making it onto Shelby's to do list. (HINT HINT!)
2. Going to see 17 again and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past by myself because Chey refuses to go.
3. Getting my drug tests done so I can start officially making some mula at the Wynn.
4. Going to Dixie and finally getting away from my house for a bit.
5. Buying a new who's alarm doesn't go off for no reason and refuse to shut up please!
5 Places I've Lived
1. Avon Street (Las Vegas)
2. San Bruno (Las Vegas)
3. The GHETTO!!! (Las Vegas)
4. Rainbow Cove (Where I live now)
5. Somewhere in Greenvalley in my crazy ex-step dad's house (Las Vegas)
5 Things I Want to Be Doing in 5 Years
1. Having se....I mean Married!!! (just kidding about that first part lol)
2. Starting my second year of teaching and being done with college (for the time being).
3. Owning a house and not paying rent.
4. Making more than $10 an hour.
5. Thinking about having kids in the DISTANT future!!
5 People I Tag
Sadly I don't even know that many people and Shelby already tagged the only person left is.........
( Have fun sucker bahahaha :-* )

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hormones Suck

Seriously what the freak. Let me tell you a little story. Once while I was a sophomore in high school a crazy lady named Aunt Flow came to visit me. She had visited me previously but I hated her!! Anyways, she decided to visit me but I decided not to let her ruin my weekend. So I went to the movies with my family. We saw Bridge To Tarabithia (great movie!!). The theater was filled with mainly old people and 8 year olds with the exception of me my mom and my brother. Towards the end of the movie something shocking happened and I started to bawl. Not cry my friends, BAWL. Like sobbing making noise I can hardely breath bawl. Anyways I cried and cried until the old lady next to me asked if I would please shut up because I was scaring her grand-daughter. Yikes. Anyways. You may be wondering what this has to do with anything. Well I never cry!! Honestly it rarely happens. Except when Aunt Flow visits me. Then I can't stop crying!!!! I'll cry over happy things, sad things, stupid things, you name it and I'll cry for it. In fact I'm sitting here right now trying to hold back tears because I don't even know why.

Anyways, today I had ANOTHER job interview. This one was for the YMCA. I already got hired at the Wynn but I had nothing better to do today so I figured I'd go check it out. We had a group interview just like at the Wynn except this time there were only half as many people, BUT it took us 2 hours (the Wynn took 30 minutes). Anyways I only talked for a total of 6.5 minutes of the 2 hours. The other 113.5 minutes I tried to figure out who was mormon. It's a fun game sometimes. Like this one kid said he was an Eagle Scout and his last name was Mauer (I know a mormon Mauer who goes to the same school as the dude) anyways then he said he could work on Sunday. So he could be mormon...or not..or a bad mormon!!! BAAA.

After the interview was done and I had determined 5 people in the group were Mo-Mo's they interviewers told us we were all invited back next Wednesday to do a skills test. They started by explaining that we'd have to do some first aid and cpr stuff. I was all for it until they said we would have to do the 300 yd swim again. Holy crap the first time I had to do that I didn't even swim all of the (I sue me) and I almost gave up my $90 because I felt like death was upon me. I had seriously never felt such horrible body pain!!!! So I opted out and decided to just stick with my very nice and EASY job at the Wynn. 10.50 an hour to sit in a chair and tips if I happen to give an old guy a towel!!! My boss today told me that I probly got hired because I'm cute!!! I refuse to take that as an insult because who wouldn't wanna get paid for that...even if it means I was hired based on looks and not my brains OR personality.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Hate The Dentist!!!

So I had a dentist appointment this morning. As you can tell by the title I effing hate the dentist. Srsly! They just cause me pain. And they put weird ace funk stuff on my teeth. Last time I went to the dentist they put some weird stuff on my teeth and told me I couldn't eat, drink, or brush for the next few hours. So being the genius that I am I went to the mall thinking no one would see me in the middle of the afternoon on a Thursday!! However, I was dead wrong. I ran into my ex, his friend, and his girl friend. I basically said hi and ran away. So today she tells me she's gonna put the stuff on my teeth again and I got up and left. I wasn't going to school like that.

Anyways I also got a new book today!! I'm excited to read it! OH OH AND!!! I got the job lifeguarding at the Wynn!!! HELLS YA BABY!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Though we are commanded to love one another and it is not our decision to choose who we will and won't forgive I think we have the choice to choose who we want in our lives. Unfortunately there are just some people out there that you clash with. It seems like every step of the way there's confrontation. In cases like these its always just easier to accept that person for who they are and let them go. I have found this to be very effective. I forgive the hardships we faced and I have forgoteen them but that does not change our relationship.

Aside from that realization nothing has really been going on lately. I have a job interview at the Wynn Monday at 2. This will be my 3rd interview and most people I've talked to about it think I've got the job which is AWESOME! I've also realized I might be too competitve. When I was younger and totally invovled with soccer I had a nasty habit of running the other girls down. Seriously. I would grab and pull and tear until they fell to the ground and I had the ball. This suprises a lot of people because I hit like a girl and I'm basically a panzy but trust me friends if I get pissed enough you're goin down. Anyways when I was 13 I stopped playing soccer until I was a freshmen. Not far into the season my position was changed and i found myself getting even more competitive. Now instead of being closer to our offensive goal I was on the defensive side and aside from the goalie the last feildsman to stop the opposing team from scoring. During one game another competetive player on the opposite team got a little pushy and I ended up shoving her into the goal post. Nice right. I know. My mom told me thatnight that she thought the old Alix was gone but apparently she wasn't. In fact, I was 10 times worse than I had been when I was younger. A few nights ago Chey and I decided to play a card game in which he killed me at. After the 2nd game I was so irritated that a few cuss words slipped. The next day at work a friend asked me if Chey was competetive. I laughed saying, "maybe but I'm so competetive I think it makes him look pretty mellow." Apparently this is a problem. I should try working on it!!!!

Anyways I'll keep you posted on what happens with the job.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


...Deleted me as a friend on facebook.

Wanna know how I found out.

Because I care for the people I come in contact with. I had been friends with this person for some time and though we didn't talk much I still wished him well. Occassionally I would visit his profile to make sure everything was going his way and he was still a happy camper! After not seeing his status updates for a while I tried looking him up when I realized I had been deleted.

I must say i'm just a little disappointed. Through good and bad I stayed friends with this person. But it seemed like when I finally got happy he didn't want anything to do with me. Sounds a little hypocritical but that's life. Live and learn right? Right!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So I took my first road trip on Saturday. Well it was kind of like a mini road trip but hey it was still fun. Chey and I hit the road Saturday morning to St. George where we will be living very soon. I loved it!! It was so pretty and the weather was so nice! I can't wait to move there. WOOO HOOO. Here are a few pics for your enjoyment!! :)

This was a medal bridge that someone did for their eagle project. If connected these 2 rocks that had a gap in between then that was about 10 feet off the ground. Not very high but I'm so afraid of heights that I had to run across it!!

It's Chey on the other side of the bridge!! He kept creeping down closer to the hole!! It scared the crap out of me.

Me and Chey

My Future Home!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Turn on your iPod and select shuffle. Write a memory the comes to mind with the song: where you were when you first heard it, who it reminds you of, etc. Do this for 10 songs and have fun visiting memory lane!!

Kungfu Fighting (The Village People)

This song make me think of my best friend and her brother in the 7th grade. We would turn this on and pretend kunfu fight each other!! It was so much fun!! I also danced to this song sonic when we were on the church history tour..I have a video!!! Look!! You can't here the song playing but just know it was there :)

Barbie Girl (Aqua)

When I was in 4th grade I went to safekey in the morning and one of the teachers did karaoke in fridays. Every time me and 3 other girls would sing this song. We always hogged the karaoke machine cuz everyone else was to big of a panzy to get up there and sing lol.

There She Goes (The La's)

This is one of the songs in the parent trap (the Lindsey Lohan version) it was my FAVORITE movie when I was younger!!!

Potential Breakup Song (Aly and AJ)

This song was the first track of a breakup CD my best friend made me when my ex and I broke up. I used to blast this in my car whenever he pissed me off, it still reminds me of what retards guys are.

Hey There Delilah (Plain White T's)

My last boyfriend made me Cd's every now and then and this song was on the first one. It was before the song became really popular. Now that everyone listens to it I can't stand the song.

I Caught Fire (The Used)

When my best friend turned 16 she had a big party in her back yard and the DJ made CD's for everyone and this song was on it. It's in my Freshmen Year playlist on my iPod.

My Shiny Teeth and Me (Chip Skylark...from the Fairly Odd Parents)

Me, my best friend, and the assistant manager of could stone used to sing this at work. The song is hilarious. Totally stupid and pointless but still funny!

Crank That (Soulja Boy)

This was the only song that I danced to at my Senior Homecoming. We were there for literally 5 minutes and then we left. It was also on the senior slideshow I made so at the reunion everyone will remember what goofs we were and what weird music we listened to.

Crush (David Archuleta)

This song came on the radio when Shelby and I went to the temple. Her bf's mom said it reminded her of SHelby and her bf, but I couldn't listen to it without puking until 2 weeks later when I started talking to Chey..then I loved the song and now everytime I hear it I think of Mr. Amazing.

Online (Brad Paisley)

This song reminds me of Brock. He can get girls but he's such a tech nerd that it reminds me of him lol.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Sad Day

Once upon a time there was a girl who had a very bad day. From the moment her day started everything just seemed to go wrong. Though she had a few laughs the over all feeling in the girl's heart was of sadness. "If I only I could cry" she thought "then maybe I'd feel better." But instead she was tortured with one grim event after another making her heart heavier by the minute. The girl felt alone, scared, vulnerable, and as if she were waiting for heartbreak to come. Luckily the girl had very wise friends who helped to remind her that everything would be ok and today was just one bad day amidst many many good ones.


Ya I'm posting again people, get over it. I always view my blog after I post to look over what I just wrote but today when I did it I couldn't stop staring at that picture at the top of my blog. Look at it!!! Isn't it cute.. Yup just darlin. K well I miss some things in that picture. I miss that green jacket. I wore that thing constantly!! But the day we took that picture I left it at the park. So sad!!! It is forever lost in the land of Lone Mountain Park. And my hair. Many of you probably don't realize but I chopped 6 inches of my hair and dyed it blonde. And you don't know this because since I cut and dyed it (4 weeks ago) I have yet to take a SINGLE DANG picture. Ugh. Anyways. I love my color but I wish I could have my length back. I love my hair long. I looklike a fat head when it's short. But anyways. Hopefully it grows fast! Ok that's all I wanted you to know :)

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

I have nothing really to talk about but I am bored out of my mind and I need to find something to do before work. Oh dreadful work. So I'm going to blog about what I did yesterday, what I'm doing today, and what I'll do tomorrow or anytime in the near future. Yippy Skippy. If you want to close this window instead of reading please exit now. I will not be one reads this thing anyways. So yesterday was a very boring day!! I wanted to pound my head into the wall it was so boring. I went and saw Chey yesterday morning. After that I basically had no one to talk to because he was visitng with his brother. So I ended up staring at my phone for about 6 hours. Then I went to Shelby's. We had a yummy dinner and watched the singles ward. Fun stuff. Then I went back to Chey's where we basically didn't do anything. Just played on the computer for a bit. Today I have to work. BOOOO!!!! I have to leave at 12 (even though I don't work till 1) so I can go get my check and cash it to put gas in my car before it breaks down. WHoopdy Doo. Luckily my boss is letting me off 4 hours early to come home and eat dinner with the missionaries. Then I'm gong to Chey's I think. He's baking. He..not We...I've given up. Not to brag but I'm a pretty good cook and for a long time I thought I was a dang good baker to. But apparently my baking instincts have gone to pot since I started dating Chey. Seriously something goes wrong everytime I try to bake something when he's around. I must get distracted by his incredible good looks. So I've given up. I'll cook him dinner for the rest of our lives and he can bake me dessert. Sounds like a good trade to me. Anyways. Tomorrow is Saturday and I have to work and then I'm going to Chey's (SHOCKING!!) for his brother/dad's party where I won't really know anyone but there will be food. Suh-weet. The only other things I have planned for a while are school (3 weeks of class and 1 week of finals left), trying to find a new job, a 4 month anniversary soon, going to Dixie one Saturday, and that's about it. I live an exciting life people. Don't hate.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

People Make No Sense

I'm coming to a close of my DI days. Yes my friends that's right. My official last day ever at that dreaful place is May 12th...unless I can somehow make it out sooner (keep your fingers crossed) Hopefully soon I will be getting $10 and hour to sit in a chair and tan. Suh-weet! Anyways back to the reason for the title. So DI does returns, don't get to excited we only do them on clothing and it has to be within 7 days of the purchase. Anyways this old couple comes in and hands me 2 bags filled with $20 worth of clothing they wanted to exchange. BTW the whole time I'm procssing the clothes the guy keeps saying how much he loves DI..."I just love DI, I love this shirt, I love your bags (ya the plastic ones..I know..weird) So I add everything up and I go to make sure the date is within 7 days. I see that the date is April 8th (that's today people). What sense does this make. This guy had enough time to drive down to DI for the SECOND time in 24 hours to return clothes YET he didn't have enough time to try everything on. HMMMMM. Ya buddy your not one taco short of a combo plate at all!!! Anyways. I shouldn't be talking because I swear I'm losing it. You have to clock out for lunch and then clock back in when your done. I swear I can not remember for the life of me if I did either. I must have a lot on my mind. IDK. Tonight was strange but hey that's life. Also tomorrow night Chey's brother is coming home from his mission. Exciting stuff right? Right! Excpet I won't get to see Chey. This will be probly the first night in the 3 (almost 4) months we've been dating that we haven't seen each other. That's right people we see each other every day...don't hate. Anyways. This is sadening me today so I'm thinking I'll go see him in the morning just so we won't ruin our amazing record!!! Whoop!

Making The Switch

I might be switching over blogs. I have 2 right now, this one and the one I share with Mr. Amazing. But I haven't really been blogging a lot on this one. But the other one I mainly just blog about things pertaining to Chey. But ya IDK..what do you think?