Saturday, January 31, 2009


Last night I had to work from 1-9:30. It was long. Bah. After work Mr. Amazing took me to Macaroni Grill cuz I'm a fatty. We ended up writing this whole long this all over the paper cover on the table. I'm sure after we left the waiters were all laughing. OH WELL! Anyways then we came back to my house. We didn't have enough time to put in a movie so we turned on the tv and found something good to watch. About 5 minutes into it I fell asleep! I was so tired holy crap. About an hour later I woke up realizing that Mr. Amazing had fallen asleep to. We're a boring couple, we sit around and sleep. Anyways. He left and I prayed like no other that he would get home ok. He seriously looked like he was going to fall asleep on the drive home! Did you know that driving when your tired is just as dangerous as driving drunk. Ya not good. Anyways he made it home ok.

This morning I got up and went to work. There was nothing to do so my boss asked me to color and size the dress racks. These things are monsters! Seriously. It's no easy task to organize them. I figured I was going to have to eventually though because all week I've just been throwing dresses on the rack without even sorting them like we're supposed to. That's karma. Anyways, it took me 4 hours to finish that beast. It was really nice because I was off in my own little world, but customers kept screwing everything up! Not to mention the guys that I work with kept coming over to beat me. I thought guys weren't supposed to hit guys. Apparently not at DI. Anyways, I had a crappy day and that's life. Luckily I get to see Mr. Amazing tonight and that will make everything bad that happened go away! I'm so lucky to have him. Shelby helped a lot today to! She texted me almost the whole day which was amazing because she kept me from trying to kill the guys and from going insane. Well anyways, I don't have much more to blog about so I'm going to go..I hope everyone who's reading this had an amazing day and many more to come!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oh Man Good Stuff

Shelby *********** (no last name cuz this is the internet people and I don't want some creeper going after her in the middle of the night) is my best friend. I love this girl. One thing that I espeically love about her is she listens to all my boring ace stories. Yes my friends I have boring stories believe it or not. I actually run the boring version by her first and then give you all the exciting version! Anyways. We're gonna get back to Shelby in a second.

This morning I woke up and put on basketball shorts and a t-shirt. I decided I did not care one bit what I looked like, but that I wanted to be comfy and so I headed out the door. It's about 5 steps from my door to my car so in my short distance I evaluated the weather and decided it was chilly but not too bad. I hopped in my ghetto car and drove to the gas station so I wouldn't break down on my way to school. In the oh I'd say 5 minutes it took me to put gas in my car I just about died! It was SOOOO cold! Holy Eff Word. I stood outside almost in tears from the weather and thought to myself, "The smart thing to do would be to go home and put on some actual clothes, but if I do I will surely be late!" So I got back in the ghetto transportation thing called my car and drove to school. In the 30 minute drive there I decided to ditch my second class. This is because my second class is forever away and I would have surely died if I had tried to make that walk in my lack of clothes. And you all wouldn't want me to die right?! Well then to my suprise I was handed a quiz when I walked in my math class. Oh quiz days how I love and hate you. I love you because you allowed me to leave school after being there a grand total of 27 minutes! YA THAT'S RIGHT! Anyways, after school I came home and bundled up. I had 2 layers of very bulky clothes on that made me look like I was 50 million pounds. I looked like poo but I said oh well and headed out. I went to my favorite store ever...Michaels. Chey laughed at me the whole time because I was getting frustrated! You see I'm starting a project and when I do this I become quite frustrated sometimes. I have a VERY specific picture of the finished project in my head and I want it to be perfect. You see I am writing a letter and people save my letters for a very long time. True story. And I want this particular letter to be saved as well, so the paper, pens, and everything else that I'm using to create this masterpiece had to be perfect. Anyways, after that I headed over to that Rhapsodielle store (the devil store) to find something to wear for Valentine's Day because all my nice shirts make me look fat and that just won't do now will it. NOPE! I picked out 3 and wouldn't decide so I bought all of them and would return the 2 I didn't like. But when I brought them home I decided they were only $10 each and I would wear them eventually. So I'm not returning them. I still don't know which one to wear for that night though. Shelby suggested posting pictures online and letting people vote but you see the only people who read this thing are Shelby and Chey. Well those are the only ones that comment at least. So I'd be wasting my time by doing that. After I went shopping I ran a few other quick errands and then returned home to change so I could go to the gym. I was chatting with Mr. Amazing on the phone when it died! I didn't want him to think I hung up on him cuz that would be rude so instead of going to the gym and then going to see Shelby (like I had planned) I did the reverse so I could let him know what happened. So I let him know the deal and all and then he decided to text Shelby about some things related to Valentine's Day. However, we agreed we weren't getting each other anything for Valentine's Day. That cheater. And Shelby wouldn't even tell me what they were talking about. Something about Cinderella..ya no clue whatsoever. But I realized (yet again) that he really is living up to his name: Mr. Amazing. Shelby knows that I have a necklace compulse. I love them. Necklaces are the only things I MUST have. If I don't have one around my neck I am very sad and lonely. But Mr. Amazing noticed something. Something that I don't even think Shelby noticed. I have a new necklace, a rather important one because it was a recent birthday present from my mom. I have been completely attached to it ever since. All girls expect guys never to notice anything. But he noticed. Because well he's amazing. Don't be jealous. Anyways, I kept trying to steal Shelby's phone to see what they were talking about. Finally I was able to snatch it and read it even though I was being beaten furociously. But the text just said, "Ok..." Gah! I suffered through a Shelby *********** beating just for that! Honestly people. After that Shelby and I stood around and tested eachothers candle sniffing abilities. She kept making me smell the nasty ones, I thought I was going to barf. Anyways, and then we laughed and laughed about nonsense I can't even remember. Except for her lecture on why I should let Chey pay for me and stop trying to find ways to pay him back. When I left I was in tears from laughing and Shelby was in tears because, well I'm not sure why actually! Anyways. Shelby your awesome! I'm so glad we've become such good friends. I think I would die without you! YOUR AWESOME!!!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Eveerything That's Been Going On

Like I said in the last post, I really haven't had a whole lot of time to blog. But I've finally found a few free moments to sit down and share my oh so exciting life with everyone. I'm not even supposed to have free time right now. I'm supposed to be at church, but I stayed home because I felt horrible this morning. Weird fact about me: if I don't get enough sleep it literelly makes me sick until I go back to sleep. So the wee bit of sleep I had last night was just enough to make me sick. And I felt horrible because 30 minutes before church I had to call someone and ask them to take over my primary class. I felt like a jerk. Anyways. So here's what's been going on this past week.

Monday: Last Monday I didn't really do anything because it was a holiday and there was no school. I attempted to do my laundry and clean my room and do some homework but that didn't work out to well.

Tuesday: I got up and went to class (math) and didn't understand anything that was going on. Then I went to history for 30 minutes. We sat and watched the inauguration and then we got to leave! YAY! So after that I went to pick up some chinese food ($23 for chow mien, beef with brocolli, and fried rice holy how expensive). I took that lovely food over to Shelby's work and we ate like fattys. Then I went home and sat around doing nothing even though I should've been doing homework. At around 7ish Shelby and I went to the gym. I really wanna start working out again and she does to so we wanted to go check it out before we invest any money. Shelby decided we should run the 5K loop (which is 3 miles). Keep in mind that neither of us have ran in forever. So half way through I said screw this and stopped, but Shelby was determined to finish. After and hour of sitting around waiting she finally finished. Hahaha. I'm so proud of her though! We decided that was enough of a work out so we went to Vons to get some fruit and then I went to Chey's. Chey was having scripture study when I got there so I came in and sat down. When it was his turn to read I realized what chapter they were in and knew what was coming for me. Liars shall be thrust down to hell. Oh yes. Chey and I have this joke thing where he calls me a liar and I call him a cheater. He thinks it's far worse to be a liar because of that scripture right there. No where does it say anything about cheating. So as soon as he read that I could not stop laughing. Horrible Horrible. Anyways, when we were done with that we went down stairs and ended up getting in this huge pillow fight. It was fun. After the pillow fight workout I went home and tried to get some homework done. I got about half way done and decided to just go to bed.

Wednesday: I had the lovely priveledge of seeing Mr. Amazing that morning. If I'm lucky this will be an every Wednesday thing, but we'll have to see. Normally on Wednesday's I'm so busy with everything I don't have time to see him at all, so it was nice to get a few minutes with him before school. So after a few minutes of visiting we headed off to school (him on his bike). This time it didn't bother me as much to watch him drive that thing. Usually it scares the crap out of me. Anyways, then I got to school and did that whole thing, nothing interesting there. After that I have about 2 hours to get home and get changed for work. I used that time to stuff my face with food since I hadn't eaten all morning/day. Then I headed off to work for 6 hours of my life. When I got to work someone had written in that I was working in small as is. Small as is is the nastiest section of DI. Everyone hates working there. You itch the whole time your there cuz you can't help but think of all the diseases your getting. UGH. Well I found out that an employee (Wes) had volunteered me to work there. What a jerk. And on top of that he would not stop hitting me. Gay. When did it become ok for guys to hit girls. Seriously. Anyways, about 2 hours into my shift my phone died! I almost had a heart attack. I know I'm pathetic. I can't go 4 hours without texting! Well I don't care how pathetic I am that sucked. You try being stuck in small as is for 6 hours getting who knows how many diseases and you can't even talk to anyone. It sucks. After my torture I came home and went to bed (without doing any homework :/ )

Thursday: I was going to get up this morning and work out. But I was afraid I'd just get sick from being sleep deprived so I didn't. I got up and went on my merry little way to school. School is school, but I finally got something out of my math class. I sat ALL THE WAY IN THE BACK so I wouldn't be able to see the board or hear my teacher and I taught myself the chapter. Most accomplished day in the 2 weeks I've been in that class. Anyways, after school I came home and changed so I could go workout. I went by myself and ran the treadmill and then did the machines. I felt very accomplished. Also on Thursday I made a schedule of everything. I figured out that if I stick to my schedule I'll only have to do homework on Sundays (tisk tisk I know) and Tuesdays. Nice right. Ya I know. After the gym I came home and slept and then later that night Chey came over :)

Friday: I got up at around 10. Friday is my ONLY DAY OF THE WEEK to sleep in. It's killing me. Honestly. So I got up and did my hair and then ran to Walmart for some stuff I needed. When I got home I created a food masterpiece of Chocolate Chip Waffles. They were delicious. Then I went to work for 8 hours. Baaaa. Chey came to see me at work :) That was fun, but I felt like my boss was giving him a weird look while he was there. Here's the thing about my boss, not only is he my boss, but he's in my ward, my visiting teacher, and the person I go to for blessings. Ya. Anyways, Chey, I mean Mr. Amazing brought me a Dr. Pepper, mmmmm. Then he left and an hour later I was off and he came over lol. We watched Lord Of The Rings. At 1:30 I couldn't stay awake any longer so I walked him out. When I came back in the movie still wasn't over. We started it at around 10:30 or 11ish. Seriously. Long ace movie. hahahahaha. Then I went to bed :)

Saturday (Yesterday): Yesterday I got up and went to work. Oh work how I dispise you so. Another 6 hours of my life wasted at the DI. But I wasn't in small as is which is good. Then I came home and jumped in the shower to get ready to go out with Mr. Amazing. When I got out my Mom asked me if I would run to Dairy Queen for her. This might not seem like that big of a deal but it was a huge inconvenience. But I love her so I said yes. But I had no idea when I was going to squeeze that in. I have a very particular getting ready schedule because if I don't do everything in a certain amount of time my hair frizzes and looks like crap. But everything turned out ok and Chey and I went out around 7. If you want to know what happened you'll have to go HERE... ..I need to learn how to do that cool thing where you can just click the word HERE and it will take you to the blog..well anyways. That was my Saturday night.

I already told you what happened today. The plan for the rest of the day is to do all my homework (math history biology (class) biology (lab) and english) and clean my room and do laundry. I really hope everything gets done. :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009


I know I haven't blogged in forever, and whats even more depressing is that my last posts on all 3 of my blogs are depressing. Seriously. I didn't even leave you all with a happy note. You all probably think I wrote those and then went and slit my wrists and never came back or something. I'm sorry. Those days were not so good. But I'm all better now and I have lots to blog about because I haven't blogged in what feels like forever. It's been a week now hasn't it? Almost anyways. Well I don't have time to blog right this second because right this very second and I am getting ready for work. However, while I'm at work I will think of tons and tons of stuff to write about and then hopefully I'll be able to come back tonight and share my stories with you! Maybe this will build anticipation and you'll really want to see what I post. Haha. Well to all who are reading this I hope you have an amazing day on this amazing Saturday!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Oh Goodness

I've come to the realization that there are few people you can really trust. People (most of the time) are just looking out for themselves. I've always had trust issues. It's been something I've carried around with me sense I was little. I choose the people I'm close with very carefully and I open my heart only to those who I can truly trust. Right now I have 3 people that I feel I can really talk to. One of them will never leave me, but it's hard to talk to her because our relationship only allows for so much to be said. The other one has just come into my life. I can tell him anything and everything, but I've learned from past experiences that the trust I'm putting in him might backfire on me. Not because of anything he'll do, but because of what might be the inevitable. The last person I've known for a while. I'm not exactly sure when I met her, but our friendship really took off a year ago when I started working at DI. I can tell her anything. In fact I can seriously talk to her for hours. I'm sad though, because last night some things happen that really hurt me. And the funny thing is, out of the 2 of us, I shouldn't have been the one to get hurt. On Saturday I made a mistake. It all started because of the influences around me. I let people say things to me and persuade me to do something that I would never ever even think about doing to anyone, let alone my best friend. I'm not sure how I ended up being so influence by the words of someone else to actually go through with it, but I did, and that was my fault. Last night I sat on the phone crying, trying not to let my friend here the hurt in my voice over what I had done. I've decided the best thing to do is cut off the relationships I have with anyone at work. I will be nice and such, but after what happened this weekend I realized I can't trust any of them. Work is to work, not to try and build relationships with people. They have loyalty to there own friends and I have a loyalty to mine. I was silly to even think that the people I thought were my friends would show any kind of loyalty to me, and that's why I got screwed. Luckily I have a strong enough friendship with my best friend that this didn't kill our friendship (even though if I were in her shoes I would've been hurt beyond all belief). And she might be hurt and she's justified completely, because what I did was horrible.

I'm also screwing up I think. I'm cutting my self off to only being close to these 3 people. Like I said before the 1 will never leave, but what about the other 2. My best friend is moving to Utah soon and then what will I do. I'm so excited for her to go to Utah and go to school and meet new people. What am I going to do down here while she's gone though? Of course I have the 3rd person. But there's no guarantee at all that he'll be around. And unlike my best friend I have no way of telling how long he'll be there for me, a month? a year? 2 years? Who knows really.

I'm overwhelmed right now.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Oh, I'm sorry, I Thought I Graduated High School

Basically life is like high school. High school never ends. Ya that's right. If you disagree your either an idiot and you live in a box and have no idea what's going on around you, or your very lucky and I envy you. Yesterday was my second first day at DI. It was the first day of me going back to work. The drama all starts there. DI is a breeding ground for drama. It's ridonculous. Honestly. People need to mind their own business/stop sharing their business with me. I realize that some of the drama that's going down has to do with me (as a 3rd party) but seriously people keep me out of it!! That's all I'm going to say. Drama sucks!!! Save your drama for your momma!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Today was the longest day of class I have all week. I went to precalc, then polysci, and then my biology lab. Precalc was much better today. I got a syllabus so now I can keep up with the class even if I don't pay attention while I'm in it. I sat up front to so I can hear her. It kept me more focused..for a little bit. I doodled a lot so ya. Then I went to polysci which was interesting but the guys behind me kept talking about how they were playing girls. Like this way the convo...

Guy 1..Ya man to I was walking towards Tracy and I was about to go jump behind her and give her a hug when out of no where Meghan comes up and kisses me and starts dragging me in the other direction. I mean seriously I thought she was still in class. Good thing she didn't see me with Tracy, that would've been really bad!

Guy real player is always aware of his surroundings.

Are you kidding me. Guys can be ridiculous I swear. So anyways, after that nonsense I went to go find a nice spot to get on my computer. You see I had 30 minutes to get to my biology lab, but there was a problem. I didn't know where the building was. If you've ever been to UNLV you know that scattered around the campus are these box lookin things that have the names of the buildings on them and the direction that they are. It's extremely halpful. Well my biology lab building is new and its temporary, so it's not on any of the signs. So I had to get online to see a map so I could figure it out. So I found my building and a building next to it that was on the signs. Then I started my journey. The building on the signs was 458973 miles away from where I had started and very hard to find. After walking in circles for a while with my heavy books I decided to sit against the way of some strange building and check the map again. I opened my computer, checked the map, and realized the brick I was leaning again was the building I was looking for. So ya. Other than that class was very boring but I got done early and out and hour before everyone else. On my way home Shelby called me (thank goodness) and we talked all the way through the end of her shift and my rush hour traffic. Then I decided I was hungry and wne tto quiznos. Shelby decided that sounded delicious so I brought her a sub. Then I came home, changed into some very bright colors (for some reason) and went to Shelby's. We watched Pride and Prejudice and towards the end Chey showed up. While he was there Shelby took this really ugly picture of us. Well Chey doesn't look ugly, he's just kinda chillen there, but I look hideous. If we ever get a decent pic of the 2 of us I'll put it on our blog, but until then there's not chance. Even though everyone and there mom's going to see this pic becuase its on facebook and her blog. Oh well. Just because everyone can have access to it doesn't mean it needs to be posted on my blog.

Tomorrow I have no school, but I have to work...1-9:30. I'm pissed. Really. Ugh. I can't talk about it or I'll break the keyboard. Anyways, that was my day, 2 blogs down, 1 more to go!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Unglamorous Side Of Life

The fact that life is sometimes unglamorous shouldn't be news to anyone. If it is, stop reading now and just go along your merry little sheltered way. If you continue reading then your in for it. This isn't a complaining blog. In fact the tings that happened to me today were not just unglamorous, they were funny (I thought so anyways). And not everything in this blog is going to be unglamorous or funny or insane because well, my life just isn't that interesting. However, I will do my best to entertain you.

So it all started this morning, like most days do, unless you work a graveyard shift and sleep during the day, then your day would start at night. But that's irrelevant. So anyways I got up and curled my hair. This may seem like a stupid thing for me to be telling you, but it's important today because my hair looked amazing. It was like BAMM super model hair. That rarely happens when you have a fro so you have to be excited about your good hair days because they come around like once every 2 years. Then I headed off to school. I headed off a little late though. Because something had my attention. But I can't tell you what. It's a secret..shhh. I was driving down to UNLV and there was no traffic. This is one of the benefits to going to school at 10 instead of 8 like everyone else. But my luck ran out and the I-15 was backed up. So I decided to outsmart the highway and take an alternative route to school. This is important because even though I have lived here my whole life, my mother has lived here her whole life, her father has lived here his whole life, his mother has lived here her whole life, and her mother (that's my great great grandma in case you lost track) was a native american here, (I have a funny story about her..if you ask me I'll tell you and you will laugh) anyways I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO GET ANYWHERE! I'm not sure why, but I suck at trying to get around this blast city. So I was definitely taking a chance when I decided to find another way to school. But it was ok I got there. When I parked it was exactly 9:53 and class started at 10. My class is forever away from the parking garage! Honestly I burn like 3 pounds just walking to it each morning because of the distance and my awesome speed walking abilities. Usually 7 minutes is plenty of time for my thunder thighs to work themselves up fast enough to get me to class. This morning though I had a little bit of an issue that made that 7 minutes not quite enough time. I decided it would be a fantastic idea to drink a bottle of water on my way to school. So when I got there I really had to go to the bathroom. I was willing to hold it in order to make it to my class on time, but the more I thought about having to sit in class for 2 hours with a full bladder the more I cringed at the thought. How was I going to concentrate with my body having a melt down. So I practically ran to my building and had 2 minutes to piddle and then get to class. I ran into the bathroom found the first stall that was open, through down my stuff, and did what I needed to do. Here's one of those unglamorous things in life. While I was in the bathroom I made a few mistakes. Mistake number 1, I was texting. Don't roll your eyes or anything because I do it all the time. Obviously if your texting your not really paying attention to your surroundings. That leads me to mistake number 2, I didn't observe my new UNLV bathroom surroundings. So when it was TP time I grabbed the first thing I saw out of the corner of my eye. Well apparently someone used that little tampon trashcan but left half the toilet paper hanging out. And that's what I grabbed. EW EW EW! It was so nasty. UNGLAMOROUS! So after that I found where the unused TP was and got out of there. So then I went to class, boring stuff. Once my first class was over and went to my second class..English 101. Monday was my first day of this class. I came in, sat down, and people watched to see what this class was going to be like. Sitting in the chair in front of me was a guy. Everyone know guys sag to some extent. That's why it always looks like they have no butts. Anyways, he apparently didn't learn how to sag right. Usually the jeans are sagging and then you can see boxer/briefs. Well this dude apparently sags everything, underwear included. So on Monday I was pretty displeased to be looking at butt crack all class period long. And not just butt crack I might add but practically full on butt. Seriously it was disgusting. So today I came into class forgetting about Crack until he slumped down in the chair in front of me. Like the class before I was going to get to stare at butt crack for an hour and 45 minutes. At the time I was texting Shelby and giggling to myself about it. I took out my camera because I am seriously disturbed and tried to take a picture of Crack to send to Shelby. But right when I turned my camera on he pulled his shirt down. I knew though that I would see it again. At the end of the period I was talking to the girl next to me when I looked over and saw CRACK! I paused our conversation to take out my camera and take a picture. As soon as she realized what I was doing she busted up laughing! She could not believe I was taking a picture of this dude's butt. I'm not a weirdo. I explained that I had been telling Shelby about it and had to send her the evidence. Anyways, I ended up sending Shelby this photographic masterpiece.

This picture does not even do this kid justice. Honestly people this is a mild form of what I stare at. This is his modest version. Usually there's much more butt. Anyways, I laughed all the way to the parking garage at the thought of this. I even sent it to Mr. Amazing. Usually we just send each other funny pictures of fat people, but I decided this was worthy of sending. Anyways, also while I was in english class our professor asked if anyone kept a journal of blog. I raised my hand high and proud (the only one who raised their hand). Then I was questioned on the blogging world. Hopefully no one in that class (like Crack for example) tries to look me up. Bahahaha. Hmm moving on. Today I went to orientation at DI. I start Friday. Grr. My schedule sucks and I'm very afraid I won't be able to keep up with my homework. We'll see how it goes though. I also probly won't be able to see Mr. Amazing as much. That's such a depressing thought. He should've just gone to UNLV and then we could've seen each other every day at school. Pshh. Haha just kidding. Basically we'll be hanging out next to eachother instead of actually with eachother. Meaning we'll probly sit in the same room and do homework together. Fun stuff. So that's life. It's funny. Hopefully you laughed at my misfortunes because frankly I thought they were hilarious. I love it when weird stuff happens to me. It makes for good stories. It's part of how I trick you into thinking my life is so amazing. Bwahahaha! My evil plan is working.

P.S. I proof read today, so except for stupid mistakes (like the difference between your and you're) there shouldn't reallly be any typos! Yes finally I had enough complaints to proofread!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tubby, Chunky, and Lard Butt

So yesterday after the stresses of school I went over to Shelby's. We decided it would be fun to go to B-dubs and then bowling. So we hopped in the car and belted to The Fray all the way to the restaurant. When we got there we decided to get 12 boneless medium wings. Holy crap they were HOTTT! I seriously almost cried. What the freak. Yes we're kinda panzies but the waiter even pointed out that the medium sauce was hotter than normal. So by the time we had finished eating Chey still wasn't ready to come out. So we watched an old video of Shelby and I belting it to one of our favorite songs: Defying Gravity from Wicked. We could not stop laughing. The people in B-Dubs probly wanted to kill us. But it was funny. After that we decided we should leave before we got kicked out. So we went to this awesome store called Rhapsodielle. (rap-sa-delle) It's tricky..I kept calling it Rhapsody. Not sure why.

Ya this store right here. Let me just tell you this store is going to cause me problems. The clothes (the non skanky ones) are so cute AND cheap. Not a good combo for anyone, especially me. So after walking around and deciding we were to poor to stay there we left and went to Michaels so we could go to the bathroom. So once we did that and walked around (stalling while Chey was doing something). Then we decided we would just go to the Santa Fe and play in the arcade till Chey was done. We apparently wanted to make idiots out of ourselves so we played DDR. But we got the ghetto machine and half the buttons didn't work so we failed everytime. But it was still fun.

We kept trying to master the stupid game but it never worked. So after wasting a crap load of our tokens on that we decided to go play these shooting games. We're not that violent..ok maybe we are, but it's all in good fun. Finally Chey showed up, but we couldn't bowl yet because of the leagues. So while we were sitting around Shelby kept trying to beat Chey up with a cardboard thing.

Then finally we could bowl!!! YAY. Now this is where the names come in. Last Monday I think it was (what a coinsedence) Chey and I went bowling. He decided to type in Tubby and Chunky as our names. So they just became nicknames. No I don't get the cute ones like baby or honey or sweetheart..I get Chunky. Hahaha, I love it's cute. Anyways, we of course couldn't leave Shelby out, and at first we gave her the nickname lumpy. But apparenlty she found that insulting so we changed it to Lard Butt. Hence the title..Tubby (Chey), Chunky (Me), and Lard Butt (Shelby). We're like the 3 muskateers except much more legit and exciting. Here are some pictures of the bowling epidemic.

Shelby bowling her little heart out!

Chey and his studly self trying to beat me.

My oh-so-attractive pose!
We took pictures of each other's butts the whole night. It's the awesome thing to do when your bolwing..Oh you didn't know? That's cuz you can't even come close to the awesomeness of Tubby, Chunky, and Larb Butt. This is Lard Butt by the way.

This is Tubby's butt and my finger pointing it out..I know it's hard to see so I was helping you see it! Just kidding. :)

And look...they call me Chunky for a reason..look at that thing. Holy crap. :(

The Final Score!! As you can see Lard Butt kicked the crap outta everyone. And Tubby finally beat Chunky!

Lard Butt, Tubby, and Chunky doing our "Nancy Faces"

Ok so this picture takes some explaining. And it leads us to the next part of the night. Now I know this picture isn't the best quality so I'll do some editing to help you out.

Ok so maybe..hopefully you can see what's going on a little bit better. In that circle is someone on a motorcycle. Did you know that 4810 people dyed from motorcycle accidents in 2008 and 88,000 people were injured. True story. With statistics like that you'd think twice before getting on one right? Apparently some people don't really care about dying. So you might be asking yourself why I'm telling you this and why it was important enough to take a picture of it and put it on my blog. Well in that little circle, on the exact motorcycle, is my boyfriend. Yes that's Mr. Amazing. Did you know he was suicidal? No me neither. He scares that crap out of me everytime he gets on this thing. It's bad enough having to think about him riding it, but seeing him riding it is worse. Now some people are going to read this and shake their head in agreeance. They're going to think I'm justified for worrying about MY BOYFRIEND of all people. Other people are going to shake their head and say to themselves, "What's up with this chick..she needs to relax." K let me just defend myself by saying that yes I complain about this death trap quite often. But I'm kidding. He loves that thing and I think that's cool. I just like to tease him because that's what we do, we tease each other. And secretly underneath my pure hatred for what could cause him an early death I think it's cool. Actually it's kinda hot. I've always had a thing for the "bad boy" type. And let's face it, riding around on a motorcycle screams bad. So there. But it does still scare me. I guess I'm just a panzy! Oh well. I don't care. But last night was pretty funny because apparently his brother decided to ride it and not fill it up, so the stupid thing wouldn't even go last night. Bahaha. Ok its not funny (it kinda is tee hee). At least you can't get killed if it doesn't run. Unless the car behind you get's pissed that your not moving and runs you over. Well anyways. The rest of the night consisted of Shelby and I putting on a little show for Chey. We seranaded him. It was amazing. His ears will never be the same haha. Anyways it was tons of fun!!

Monday, January 12, 2009


Today is my first day of college. GAH! I'm scared out of my mind. Seriously. I hate not knowing people. I hate not knowing where I am. I hate the unfamiliar. But it's only unfamiliar for the first day right. Then you can settle in and be ok. I'm sitting in a small little shaded corner of the building that holds 4 out of my 5 classes. I'm blogging because I have nothing better to do and another 30 minutes to waste untill english. My mouth feels dry, probably from anxiety, and my heart's beating fast, from the excitement of a new start. I'm in college. I'm a freshman in college taking 14 credits so I can start my major and get into the world. I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing and I've had to ask a lot of questions. I was almost late to my first class, but I wasn't the last in. I still have more things to buy, like books and things of the sort, and I have no money to buy it with. My back pack is heavy, but I'm compfortable in an old pair of jeans, a sweatshirt, and flip flops. My hair's in a pony tail and I hardly put any make up on this morning. The only think I've had to eat today was a double chocolate chip frappacino and a slice of lemon loaf from starbucks. I'm begining to realize that I'm not the only one that looks lost. I can see myself reflected in the other wandering students who look like 5 year olds who just lost there mom in the super market. We're all thinking the same thing, that this is scary and we're all alone, and we're all yearning to find someone to laugh with about the fact that this campus is huge and we're lost. No one says anything though. We all sit far away from eachother and look straight ahead and pretend we're not freaking out and we know what we're doing. My toes are cold because it several degrees cooler here in my small shadow comfort zone. I would be much warmer if I moved out to the sun, but then I would be somewhere unfamiliar again. So I'll suffer the cold so I can sit by myself with my laptop and blog. It's a n illusion I'm creating. It makes me look like I'm sitting here with a purpose. it keeps me from looking overwhelmed even though I am. It's my temporary illusion that I'm creating for everyone around me. Sometimes that's all we can do: create illusions. Illusions that we're happy and content, or brave, even if we're not. Soon my second class will be over though and I will walk to my car, get in, and drive away.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

...I Can't Think Of A Title

K so last night I was sitting around waiting to go out when Mr. Amazing texted me. Basically I knew he was texting me to let me know he could hang out. So I'm sitting on the phone with Shelby when Mr. Amazing informs me he can't hang out till 9. Well I kinda flipped..a little. I didn't mean to. AND I WAS NOT MAD AT HIM. I was just irritated that I was going to have to wait around to go out. Well as I'm rambling about how irritated I was to Shelby when he texts me to tell me he was just kidding and he could hang out right then. I felt like a douche bag. I love complaining about things when people are just messing with me. It's awesome. Anyways, I went to go say goodbye to my Mom when she decided to start a fight with me about my tuition which is a stressful subject for me right now and I'd rather not talk about it. But whatever, half way through the convo I remembered my brother had gone out at 1 and it was now 6. No one had heard from him or anything. K this irritated me. Let me tell you why. Everytime I leave the house I get interrogated: Where are you going, who are you going with, what time are you going to be home, make sure your not late for curfew, you better text me if you change locations. Oh yes this is the normal shpeel. But my brother leaves for 5 hours and its no big deal. Whatever. GAY! So I finally made it out of my house and jammed out the whole way to Mr. Amazing's house. When I got there he decided to tell his family I don't like Tapioca (however you spell it). This might not seem like a big deal but it is because they teased me about not liking it. Awesome! He said it was his revenge since my family teases him about being a panz..I mean afraid of cats. Anyways. So then we went to dinner. Well kinda dinner. I ordered fries and he ordered nachos. So really it was like appetizers rather than dinner. But it was still good. Altho the conversation was...odd. We were having our lovely little banter about nothingness and then I decided (like a retard) to bring up some old junk. Old mistakes and things of that sort. Well then he started talking about it and the convo just got really heavy. Don't get me wrong I am not complaining at all. I love sharing my life with him..even the bad stuff. And I love when he shares his life with me. It makes me happy that he trusts me enough to tell me serious things. But I didn't know what to say. Apparently I'm a horrible girlfriend because when it really matters I can't come up with anything to say. Way to go me. So finally after probly 15 minutes of awkwardness we just switched subjects real fast. We decided to go to a movie which I had him picked since he had me pick where we ate. We/He decided to go see the curious case of benjamin button. It was decent, not horrible, but not amazing. But it was like seriously 3 hours long. Holy crap. You would think sitting for that long wouldn't be to bad for a fatty like me, but my legs felt like they were going to fall off. And we were sitting next to these 2 girls who kept laughing like goats and talking throughout the whole thing. When I told me mom that she asked me why I didn't tell them to be quiet and I said because it didn't bother me enough to say something. Her reply was, "Why were you to busy makin out to even care?" NO! We do not pay $10 a person to make out! We can do that at home for free. We just make out during the boring parts. Bahaha jk...maybe. Anyways so then we left and I had a headache so I went home...sad. Which brings us to today. Today I got up at the crack of dawn to go to church. Sacrament was ok..kinda boring. Then I went to go talk to the Bishop. I needed to get a few things done. So he had to sign this mentor thing for DI. Yes, you have to have a mentor to work there. Lame. They wouldn't even let me go through orientation till I had the mentor paper signed. Grr. Anyways, then we went through the rest of church, but not without everyone and there mom (and husband and 6 kids and grandparents) meeting my mom since she's just coming back to church. So we were there for like an hour longer than we had to be. Not really, but still. I like to get in get out and go back to bed. Not stand in the halls and chat about what I've been doing with my life. I had to tell my school schedule about 15 times today no joke. Isn't the relief society supposed to be gossipy to an extent? Why didn't the first person I told just spread it around? That would've made my life a whole lot easier. I love it when someone will ask something like what classes I'm taking and I'll get through the whole shpeel and then they'll say, "Oh that's right sister ____ told me you were taking those classes." Well then why did you ask me if you already knew hmm? Oh well I guess that's just one of those silly things that people do.

On another note I am very stressed. UNLV hasn't been doing such an amazing job of keeping my stuff straight. So I'm very worried that something will go wrong tomorrow. This isn't like high school where everything gets taken care of for you so for all I know I'll walk into class tomorrow and get kicked out for doing something wrong. That would be bad. Also, I have to get my loan stuff figured out before February 1st or I'll be stuck making another payment out of my pocket. So I got online to figure it out, well I must've been in a hurry about it the other day and accepted the wrong thing on accident. My loan choices were funky for some reason. I needed a subsidized loan but my only options were a parent loan (not an option, my mom refuses to pay for my schooling) and an unsubsidized loan. In case you have no clue what I'm talking about that means that interest is going to accumulate while I'm going to school rather than having a subsidized loan where that doesn't happen. So basically I'm going to be in even more debt than I had planned. Lovely. Let's just say that I cried over that for a bit. Luckily in about 30 minutes I can get a blessing for school. Thank heavens, I have a feeling I'm going to need it.

I feel like I complained most of this blog. Well maybe just the last paragraph. Well anyways to end with some good thoughts. Mr. Amazing is hopefully coming over tonight. I tried to go over to his house, but apparently my Mom still thinks I'm 13 and is going to treat me that way until I move out. Joy. Amazingness. Wonderment. Anyways, that'll be nice getting to see him..again. And I'm sure you have noticed I went from calling him **** to Chey to Mr. Amazing. No I'm not afraid to put his name in my blog. Everyone knows who I'm talking about anyways because my lovely best friend Shelby comes along and leaves comments with his name in them. Lol. Anyways, they're all the same person in case you didn't figure that out. I just like to use Mr. Amazing because he knows his name is Chey..I don't need to remind him..but I like to remind him that he is Mr. Amazing. And I can do that on here because he reads me blog. Yes be wish you have a Mr. Amazing who reads your blog. Haha jk. Alright I'm off to receive a blessing of awesomeness!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


..I am finally off grounding and can get out of my house. Don't get me wrong I love just sitting on my couch in sweats watching a good movie and giggling about random things like Bambi II: Bambi's Revenge and how I'm going to become the half ton mom one day. But I'm out there and crazy. I like to get in the car and drive some where and do something. So tonight since I'm off grounding I'm going out. Movies I think. But I still don't know what we're seeing, or what time we're going. I hate not having a plan. Knowing Mr. Amazing will say he's coming over at 7 and won't be here till 9 lol. That's life. I'm already ready, which is why I'm sitting here blogging, because I'm bored as freak. My brother's out paintballing and my mom's sleeping. I kind of want to go to Wal-mart. I need a new pair of shoes (yes I really do need them since my other white pair got ruined) and I need bobby-pins. I don't think I feel like getting in my car and going though. So I'll just sit here and ramble about random things. My hair looks really dark right now. I just dyed it so it's still really shiny and the color hasn't started to fade yet. I dye my hair the same red-brown color everytime (unless I decided to go blonde) but it's always darker right after I dye it. Then it fades to a nasty blech color. So I'm enjoying it right now. I have like 6 pairs of jeans sitting on my bed right now. YAY. More are still in the wash. YAY. I love jeans. You can wear them with anything, dressy or casual. I'm wearing a pair of jeans right now. Go figure. They're a little more on the dressier side I think since I'm not just wearing one of my old nasty t-shrits. That's a habit I should try to break. I tend to just run around in clothes most people would only sleep in. I picked that up freshman year. Oh well. The other day while I was hanging out with my friend I hadn't seen in a while we were talking about his ex girlfriend (my ex best friend) and how she was really pretty in the beggining of high school and then went through a phase where she got a little chunky and wore sweats to school, but then she got pretty again. I asked him if I went through the same pretty/ugly/pretty phase. HE SAID YES. Yikes. I admit it though I did. For a while I just didn't care and I wore sweats to school, never did my hair, and refused to even put on make-up. Ugh what was I thinking. And now I kind of feel like I'm going through that again. What the freak. I'm going to be in college for goodness sake. I need to stop being lazy and actually put on clothes. Ya know I have over 250 atricles of clothing in my closet and my favorite things to wear are old sweatpants that have gnarly stains on them. Ew. I should just throw them away or hide them so I don't even have the option of wearing them. Also I've been thinking about creating another blog. I'm not sure what I would write on it though. This is kind of my blah about everything blog so what would I need another one for? But it might be fun to have another one. Maybe I should make a music blog. Since I'm always talking about music. Well I actually don't talk about music a whole lot, but I'm always thinking about it. Like right now I'm listening to 2 playlists:

Playlist #1

This is my whatever kind of playlist. The songs don't have any connection with anything, but they're really fitting my mood.

Addicted-Saving Abel
All I Wanna Do-Sugarland
Crush-David Archuleta
Gives You Hell-All-American Rejects
Jesse's Girl-Rick Springfield
Already Gone-Sugarland
I Caught Myself-Paramore
Defying Gravity-Wicked Soundtrack
Love Story-Taylor Swift
Fifteen-Taylor Swift

Playlist 2:

These are songs that remind me of Mr. Amazing so I've been listening to this a lot lately too.

Vulnerable- Secondhand Serenade
Bless The Broken Road-Rascal Flatts
Must've Done Something Right-Relient K
Lovebug-Jonas Brothers
Overjoyed-Waking Ashland
Why Can't I-Liz Phair
My Beautiful Rescue-This Providence
Upside Down-A*Teens
Hands Down-Dashboard Confessional

So ya that's bascially what I'm listening to right now. Pretty interesting stuff..I know. Yes my life is exciting and you wish you could be living it, but unfortunately you can't. Psshhh. Honestly I wish my life was more interesting. I was in the car pondering the other day and I decided my life isn't interesting. My life is really boring as crap. But I want my life to be exciting. So when something happens (even if its boring as crap) I make it seem interesting. So really my life is insanely boring. The difference between it being boring and you not thinking it's boring is me being a good story teller. Yes that's it. I'm just a good story teller. Hmm..that's kind of depressing. But not at the same time because I must be at least a semi-good writer to make you all think my life is amazing. I'm foolin you suckers lol.

Friday, January 9, 2009


So this morning I got up at 10..tried to go back to bed..realized I had a million things to woke up. (I guess my wake up at the butt crack of dawn phase is over). Ok so for a second I'm going to rewind to yesterday. Yesterday I did a bunch of stuff actually. But one thing that was pretty important was I went down to UNLV to get my books. This was a big deal for me. I made an old friend go since he's going into his second semester at UNLV and I'm a retard basically. I'm really glad he went with me, 1 because like I said I had no idea what I was doing and 2 because we haven't gotten to really catch up in forever. So it was lots of fun. While I was with him he kept using the phrase BFE. K quick side note. The other day or week or whenever it was I was hanging out with Shelby and she said BFE. I had to ask her what the freak the was cuz apparently while I was working my life away a new abbreviation was invented and I was out of the loop. She informed me that BFE means Butt Freaken Egypt. For example...UNLV is in BFE and I will soon be extrememly poor from driving out there 4 days a week. Anyways, thanks to Shelby I knew what Justin was talking about when he used the phrase BFE 23487 times yesterday. That seems to happen to me a lot btw. I'll hear a word or phrase, find out what it means, and then I hear is a million times in the next week and feel so included cuz I actually know what it means. Awesome how that works out. Anyways. So I bought almost all my books. All but 1. I spent a grand total of $407 and 4 of them were used. What the freak people. I had to run like a crazy person to the bank and transfer money out of my car fund just to cover everything. This made me very depressed because now my car fund is down to a very low amount and I can not use it for a car untill I build it back up. Ugh. So that was my drama for yesterday. So today I got up like I said and called DI. I can go back on Wednesday. Yay because I have a job and can stop stressing about being extremely poor and NAY cuz I actually have to go back to that retched place. Anyways. After that I went and got my nails done which I really wouldn't afford, but I did it anyways because they looked putrid. Then I went to TJ Macks to look for khaki pants because I only have 2 pairs and I have to wear them at DI but I work there 5 days a week. You do the math. Well TJ Macks failed me and didn't have any khaki pants but they had a really cute dress on sale for $15. So I bought it. I thought what the heck its cheap and church worthy so even though I'm poor $15 won't kill me. (This was my downfall RIGHT HERE!) Then I picked up my brother and came home. My plan was to clean my very dirty room, but I decided I shouldn't give up on my khaki expedition. So I went back out to Ross. BUT on my way to Ross I realized the store right next to it (the spin off of Fashion Q) was open. So I went in thinking, Hey it won't hurt to look right? right! WRONG! There was no khaki of anykind anywhere but there were lots of other cute things. No before I tell you what I got let me tell you what I originally picked out! 2 $13 collared shirts, 1 $15 collared shirt, 1 $7 thermal, 1 $9 collared shirt, and 1 $10 super super cute blue shirt for fat days! :) That's what I picked out. (BTW collared shirts are the only thing I can wear at they're a good buy I swear). Well after debating with myself I decided only to be the 2 $13 ones and the $9 one, and I could wear all of them to work. BUT on my way to the register I ran into the cutest pair of shoes and they were only $16!!!!!!!!! AND they matched the dress I bought earlier. But I still went over my budget and I still didn't find what I was originally looking for. So then I ventured to Ross who, like TJ Macks, failed me miserably. So with my head hung low I started walking outside. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw the quaint little store that steals my heart everytime: Michaels. I decided since I didn't find what I was looking for I should not have to go home sad so I went in. STUPID! Let me tell you why this was stupid of me. 1 My dear best friend Shelby, who knows everything about me and loves me like no other (even if my mom does pay her to be friends with me) got me the best present ever for Christmas/My birthday! Yes she combined presents but it was so amazing I DON'T CARE!!! She got me a Michaels gift card. A M A Z I N G! But I don't have it yet :(. So going to Michaels to spend my own money was very stupid because I could've spent a gift card and used my money for something like..oh idk..khaki's! It was also stupid because I CAN NOT go into that store without buying something. It's a complusion I think. But I am stupid so I went in anyways. Guess what, I bought $10 worth of stuff I don't really need, but kinda need, but could certainly do without. So today I spent almost $100 on everything EXCEPT the only thing I needed!!! YIKES! This is seriously going to come back to bite me in the butt. No more spending money for me!

Oh here's another thing to YIKES about. Linds was supposed to come down, but didn't. So her Christmas present is sitting in my room chillaxin. It didn't even dawn on me to mail it to her...Untill today when I went to the mail and got her package. She sent me 2 books that look extrememly good and I can't wait to read them (a slight break from Twlight) and she got me an infinate friendship necklace. THANKS LINDS! I love them! So next paycheck I HAVE TO HAVE TO send her her Christmas present.

Well that's been my horrible day of spending money I don't have. Tonight Mr. Amazing is coming over to play Hungry Hungry Hippos apparently. (His idea this is why he doesn't normally get to choose what we do...not to mention he'll probably beat cheating of course).

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year New Me

The end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009 have come together to help me see the kind of person I'm becoming. Not only that, but I've started to realize that kind of control I have over my life. Already in 2009 I have quit my job and been much happier because of it, realized I really don't need a loan for school, opened a checking account, and started on a lot of my resolutions such as working out more, not sleeping my days away, and being more involved in the gospel with my family. Today is day 2 of me waking up at the butt crack of dawn and not going back to sleep. I don't know how long this new phase will last but for now I'm getting tons done. Yesturday I got up and made home-made chocolate chip waffles that were AMAZING! Then I got some stuff figured out for UNLV (which if I had slept till noon wouldn't have gotten done). Then I ran down to my mom's school, reapplied for Deseret Indutries, picked up my last paycheck from Aliante, picked up my brother from school, deposited my check (but did not cash it and blow it..go me), made my first payment to UNLV, took a quick 1 hour nap, made dinner, hung out with Chey and my family, GOT A NEW CALLING! Got the crap kicked out of me at cards, planned FHE, then dozed off. WOW. Look what happens when Alix gets up early!!

Ok so back to the Cap lettered part about my calling. So like I said before Chey came over last night. He then told me he was called to primary. Of course I'll basically use any excuse to make fun of him so I gave him the usual..Oh those poor kids..blah blah blah. You can fill in the blanks, I'm pretty predictable so you can probably guess what I was saying. Seriously like 5 minutes later my phone rang. I ran to go answer it and it was someone from the bishopric, they were making their rounds and wanted to stop by so I said Hells ya come over (haha I didn't use those words tho) SOOO basically I thought for sure I was going to be asked to give a talk on something. Not my favorite thing to do, but whatever. When they got to my house they asked me if I would serve in the primary! WTF people. You would think I would learn my lesson. Honestly anytime I tease someone about something I end up going through it. I had to learn that lesson the hard way when I made fun of Blair for getting a ticket and then got pulled over 3 days later. No apparently I can't even tease Chey about being called to primary without God sending someone to my door to call me to primary too! Honestly. I think I'm really going to enjoy this calling, what I didn't enjoy was having to sit next to Chey, listening to them tell me the details, while he's trying to hold in his laughter!! Oh goodness.

Anyways, so yes this morning I'm up early again. I've already eaten more chocolate chip waffles from my left over batter, checked facebook (1 notification after being off all day yesterday..thanks people lol), and I'm in the process of blogging. Here's what else I have planned for today:

  1. Workout

  2. Clean room

  3. Laundry

  4. Make Shopping list (since I'm jobless for the time being my mom has decided I have to cook! I'll just make all my favorites and then she'll never want me to cook for a week straight again hehehe)

  5. Run to Kohls to get my mom jeans

  6. Go to Albertsons for groceries

  7. Go to Walmart for school supplies

  8. Pick up my brother from school (Just kidding cuz he ditched..what a least be smart and don't ditch to stay home..that's no fun..ditch and go to the mall or SOMETHING)

  9. Try to wash the nasty nasty dye smell out of my hair

  10. Make dinner

  11. FHE (that my brother is mom's evil plan to get him to go back to church)

  12. And SOMEWHERE in my busy day find time to see Mr. Amazing

So kinda busy, not too bad though. Hopefully I get everything done. I should be able to do everything in that order, except for 12. That I'll fit in anywhere. Speaking of Mr. Amazing. Yesterday while running errands (errands meaning going to Dairy Queen to pick of ice cream for dinner..that's what happens when I plan meals) I was listening to my handy dandy IPod and a song that I haven't really listened to in a while came on. It's by Relient K and its called Must've Done Something Right. So then I came home and looked up the music video and found something AMAZING!! This song was made for me I swear. Right down to the kick ace music video..but it reminded me of him so ya (remember I'm a lyric person when it comes to songs)...Check it out.

Monday, January 5, 2009

My Life Has Come Full Circle

A year ago I quit my job at Best Buy and went to work at a lovely little place known at Deseret Industrie (aka the DI). Here I am right back in the same spot. It's funny how life works out some times

Friday, January 2, 2009

Management Sucks

Basically I hate my job. This is nothing new. I hate the rude ace customers that come in and yell at me for no reason, I hate the rude servers who yell at me because I'm either seating them too much or not enough (and I assure you there is no happy medium), and I hate my dumb crack boss who doesn't know how to run any kind of anything. K so here's the story. I work with a girl named Debbie. She's more a lady than she is a girl. But that's not really important. Anyways, Debbie and my boss, Dumbcrack, used to work together at a different hotel. So he hired her because he knew what kind of a worker she is. Now Dumbcrack likes to favor Debbie, which at first didn't bother me too bad because Dumbcrack is human and all humans favor..fact of life. Well one way he likes to show Debbie that she's the favorite is by giving her E.O.'s. Oh sorry about the super secret lingo we use at work. That means early out. Now this obviously would be irritating to anyone. Becuase no one but Debbie gets to leave early. Dumbcrack claims its because she works 2 jobs and so she should get to go home early. But Debbie has stated more than once that she only works 2 jobs because she likes the "finer things in life." So she is CHOOSING to work to jobs, not being forced to. Which obviously mean s that she can handle it. So I feel no sympathy. Anyways, back to the story. So lately when Dumbcrack let's Debbie go I whine and complain (classic me) and my boss tells me I could go home early too, I just have to ask. So tonight our line died at about 8:15. We didn't close till 10 so I knew he'd give an early out. So guess what I did. I asked to go home early. He made the excuse that if he was going to let anyone go early it would be the people that had been working for 10 hours. But I being the genius that I am reminded him that those people would be leaving 15 minutes later and then he could send me home early. He did his famous "walk away without giving and answer thing" and I was left irritated. Let me tell you my friends I knew without a shadow of a doubt Dumbcrack would not give ANYONE an early out just to spite me. AND GUESS WHAT HAPPENED!!!! Not one person got an early out even though we had a total of 10 people come in from the time I asked untill we closed. GAH. I can't take this dang job anymore. What the freak. I'm going to find a new job like ASAP! By the end of this month I will be in a happier place and you will no longer have to read about how much I hate my stinkin job. All I have to say is Linds staying in Australia turned out to be a good thing in this case because the only reason I was staying there was so I could afford to move out. And now I don't have to!!! YAY AUSTRALIA!!!